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Therien Martial Arts is Expanding into Russell!

Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp with a Jiu-Jitsu StudentIn celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Therien Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing, we’re excited to announce that we’re opening a new dojo in Russell, Ontario! Programs will be offered in Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. As in Chesterville, all classes will be taught and overseen by 7th degree black belt, Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp.

Classes will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at the Russell Arts & Culture Centre, starting with a week of free trial classes on Monday, March 19th. The schedule will be:

  • 5:45pm: Jiu-Jitsu (ages 6 to 12)
  • 6:30pm: Jiu-Jitsu (ages 13-85)
  • 7:30pm: Kickboxing
  • 8:15pm: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is an excellent opportunity to try something new as a family, get out with friends, and stay active! For more information, email or call us at either of these numbers: 613-482-1585/613-448-1233.

Bring-a-Friend Week Was a Blast!!

It’s over and what a great time we had! Bring-a-Friend week invited family and friends to try jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, circuit fitness and brazilian jiu-jitsu and the turnout was excellent. We had a great time meeting new people and showing off what we do and, from the feedback we received, it seems like all of our guests did too.

We’ve always considered ourselves to be a family dojo and fitness centre at Therien Chesterville. Martial arts, especially, is more than just learning how to fight. On top of getting in shape, building confidence, learning discipline and showing respect, coming to the dojo for people every age has to be a fun, positive experience. We love making new friends and building our dojo family and this week’s activities helped us achieve that goal. Thank you to everyone who participated and we hope to see you again soon!! 

A few highlights are below. Members can join our private Facebook group to access more…

New Blue, Purple and Brown Belts!

While many relaxed over the long weekend, many senior students from the adult jiu-jitsu class were pushing themselves, working hard and sweating buckets as they completed long belt tests, some lasting 4 hours! As with all hard work and commitment, it paid off for the students who all earned their next belt. Congratulations to everyone for your dedication and commitment to perfection. 

Bring-a-Friend Week

We’re extending Family Day to last an entire week!

BJJ Bring-a-Friend NightFamily Day in Ontario is Monday, February 19th this year. We’ll be closed the entire long weekend to ensure everyone can take a much needed break and spend time with their family and friends, but we want to make those good times last even longer!

For the rest of that week, all members from every program are invited to bring family and friends to class with them. All classes will be run regularly (with a few extra surprises) so guests can get a taste of what their friend or relative gets up to every time they step into the dojo. Techniques can also be adjusted for those with injuries or simply have no desire to be thrown. Overall, this will be a fun week and an opportunity for our families to meet yours!

Classes include:

  • Tuesday, February 20th: Jiu-Jitsu (self-defence) – all ages and levels
  • Wednesday, February 21st: Kickboxing, Circuit Training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)
  • Thursday, February 23rd: Jiu-Jitsu (self-defence) – all ages and levels

We looking forward to meeting everyone!

BJJ Bring-a-Friend Night - November 2018

BJJ Bring-a-Friend Night – November 2018

A Winning Display of BJJ

Nick and Val at Grappling Industries BJJ Tournament in Lake GeorgeLast Saturday, two members of the Therien Chesterville Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program joined some other members of the Therien-Gringo team at the Grappling Industries tournament in Lake George. Siblings Val and Nick had a very successful day. After a number of hard fought fights, here are the results:

  • Nick: Gold in no-gi 15-17, 145lbs+ and Silver in men’s 140-155lbs
  • Val: Gold in both gi and no-gi women 105-120lbs

Val and Nick both commit a number of hours training both in our regular BJJ classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Chesterville, as well as classes at Therien Jiu-Jitsu Orleans and whatever other extra seminars they can find. Their hard work and dedication make them an inspiration and leaders for other students working to accomplish their goals.

Congratulations Nick and Val!!!

BJJ Podium - Grappling Industries (Lake George)BJJ Podium - Grappling Industries (Lake George)  BJJ Podium - Grappling Industries (Lake George)BJJ Podium - Grappling Industries (Lake George)

The 2018 Train-a-Thon was a Great Success!

HUGE thank  you to all participants, instructors, and volunteers to helped make the 2018 Train-a-Thon a massive success!!!!

2018 8 Hour Martial Arts Train-a-Thon in Chesterville, OntarioAfter 8 memorable hours, the 2018 Chesterville Train-a-Thon is complete and we think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed themselves. Students all ages — from 6-60+ came out to try a number of different classes, including:

  • Water Bottle Boot Camp with Renshi Carol Beauchamp
  • Karate with Shihan Camille Cordick
  • Kali Sticks with Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp
  • Nanchuks with Sensei Pete Buma
  • Jiu-Jitsu with Shihan Brian Lacroix
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Sensei Greg Nilsson
  • Knife Defence with Renshi Daniel Gasser

Shihan Cam Cordick teaching Karate

The final hour capped off the day with Lego Jiu-Jitsu, which brought together all of the day’s instructors and black belts for a fun martial arts building game. In total, 9 black belts created a full flowing technique, where they each added their own component. The end result was a routine that all students were able to smoothly demonstrate.

Shihan Brian Lacroix (jiu-jitsu) signing a giThe day was an opportunity to fund raise for upcoming training opportunities and competitions, such as the World Kobudo Convention in Athens, Greece or Budofest in Quebec City, both approaching in May 2018.

Sensei Pete Buma teaching nunchuksOn top of great training, the parents committee also put together a great and very affordable lunch for participants, complete with soup, sandwiches, hot dogs, fruit and fresh baked desserts. All proceeds from the lunch also went towards the fun to send students to Greece or Quebec City.

Congratulations Sempai Meaghan!

On Tuesday, December 19th, Meaghan Arel set out to complete a major milestone in her martial arts career — she fought through and successfully completed a black belt test in the Therien Jiu-Jitsu Executive program. After the grueling exam that required plenty of energy, persistence, sweat and even some tears, we’re all extremely proud of her and her success as she was promoted to black belt! Along with the promotion comes the new title of “Sempai” which roughly translates to Junior Instructor or Senior Student.

Last Thursday, Meaghan officially received a diploma and belt certified by the World Kobudo Federation. During that time, Meaghan took the opportunity to tell us all about her journey to black belt and what it means to her:

I started my journey in 2005, when I was 5 years old.  I use to watch my big brother do Jiu-Jitsu.  I remembered I cried the first time that I was on the mat for a class.   I was nervous and scared, but I didn’t give up.  I used to do figure skating, but I quit so I could concentrate on Jiu-Jitsu.  A couple of months later, I earned my brown belt.  I changed program to the essential self-defense, it was a better fit for me.  I felt less overwhelmed and frustrated without the throwing and the ground defense.  It also helped my confidence.  Even if I cried I didn’t give up.  I also got to work with my mom.  She’s awesome!  Any test is hard, but the black belt test was the hardest so far.  I’m so glad to have never quit.  I would like to continue learning and helping others to get to their goals, as people helped me reach my goal.  Thank you!

As part of the Black Belt promotion tradition at Therien Chesterville, Renshi Carol also put together a “Journey to Black Belt” write-up that describes all of the successes and challenges she’s had over her 12 year journey…

COURAGE is not the first thing that comes to mind when Meaghan entered the Chesterville dojo at the age of 5.  Trying to follow her big brother Sean she started to cry.  Her GOAL in the beginning was just to finish a class without crying out of fear and then I think it switched to being the student with the loudest ki.  In the end the GOAL changed to finish the class without crying out of frustration and sometimes anger (though she still had the loudest ki).  Meaghan had the SELF-DISCIPLINE to continue even though at times she felt the journey seemed like a lifetime.  She had PERSISTENCE doing her techniques over and over.  Her POSSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE sometimes was hard to come by when she got frustrated…but her attitude was renewed when she switched to the Executive Program for Meaghan this was the right choice.  Meaghan had the INTEGRITY to not give up but continued on to finish the race to excellence.  Kyoshi has always said that he would have Meaghan in his corner any day but when it comes to training Meaghan sometimes has a little problem with control…I am sure we have all felt Meaghan’s wrist locks, come- alongs, neck restraints and did I mention shin kicks.      We can definitely say that when Meaghan trains she isn’t doing ballet or should I say figure skating since she quit that to pursue jiu-jitsu and give her 100%.   Some students may never reach Excellence Black Belt but that is only because they don’t have a Black Belt Attitude .   Meaghan has pursued Excellence and has achieved it.   When we think about Jiu-Jitsu we think about self-defense with power and a loud ki.  Well Meaghan you have done it!  You have grown so much since your first day at the dojo.

You may at times still cry and get frustrated but now that really just brings out the defender in you and I am sure after seeing youtrain who really wouldn’t want you in their corner. We will always be pushing you 100% but that is because we know you can achieve EXCELLENCE!!

From all of us at Therien Jiu-Jitsu Chesterville, CONGRATULATIONS MEAGHAN!!!


Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year!The entire team at Therien Martial Arts & Fitness Centre wants to wish you and your family a happy new year. We hope you enjoyed some relaxing holidays with friends and family and that you’re ready for one heck of a year… because we have one in store for you!

All classes will resume Wednesday, January 3rd — that includes Kickboxing, Boot Camp and BJJ on Wednesday and all jiu-jitsu classes the following day. Getting back at it is just the beginning.

2018 is going to see a lot of excitement for the Chesterville Dojo. We have teams representing the club this upcoming Spring in Athens, Greece and Quebec City. In preparation, we’ll be doing some more fundraising events, including an 8 Hour Train-a-Thon on January 20th and a competition a few months into the year. Combine that with the regular special events and this is turning out to be a great year.

It’s never too late to get involved. If you’ve been thinking of trying any of our programs, now is the time. Just give the dojo a call and to set-up some introductory classes, it’s that easy!

Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp is Being Inducted to the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame

It was recently announced that the leader of Therien Martial Arts & Fitness Centre in Chesterville, Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp, will be inducted to the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame this November. We recently had a surprise party for him, to celebrate this accomplishment and his 60th birthday at the same time. Nation Valley News was there and put together this awesome tribute video: