Family Programs


In today’s busy world, it’s not always easy being able to spend quality time with your family. Our jiu-jitsu classes are designed to help you and your kids bond while working together, learning self-defence and getting in shape! Therien Jiu-jitsu is a combination of hold escapes, striking techniques, ground defence and more, led by enthusiastic instructors who are passionate about learning. Call us today to learn more about family-oriented classes and friendly atmosphere. Great for kids starting at age 4 and parents and grandparents up to any age.

Essential Self-Defence

Want to learn self-defence but weary of some of the throwing, falling and physical impact that can come with it? No problem! You and your family are invited to join the Therien Martial Arts Essential Self-Defence classes. This special format is just as effective as any other self-defence course you will find, and is customized to meet your body. Rather than the intense throwing and grappling and groundwork that form part of our traditional jiu-jitsu program, Essential Self-Defence focuses on the details of escaping, striking and controlling your opponents in the most efficient manner possible.

Family Kickboxing

Get in shape together! Family kickboxing offers a full-body cardio work out that you can do with your kids or spouse. These 45 minute classes provide a combination of stretching, cardio and muscle building techniques that will keep you healthy and help your kids excel at any other sports they may play.

Kempo Karate

Kempo Karate is perfect for both kids and adults and a fun activity to do together, without having to throw or be thrown. In addition to self-defence, Karate focuses specifically on form and includes benefits such as physical development, improved coordination, enhanced muscle strength, and internal energy. Affiliated with Dojo Pierre Marceau in Quebec City, Chesterville’s Kempo Karate program is led by Norm Beauchamp under the instruction of Renshi Pierre Marceau and Sensei Jean-François Lafortune.